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From a whisper to a bang!

From a whisper to a bang! A six-part podcast series about war, remembrance, Australian prisoners of war in Germany during the Second World War, and an emotional journey of historical empathy, presented and produced by Megan Spencer for the Australian War Memorial. 

Episode 1 starts January 31.

Jan 25, 2019

Episode 1: “Harry’s story, Megan’s pilgrimage”

In episode 1 Megan introduces the story of her grandfather, Corporal “Harry” Spencer, 2/7th Battalion. A prisoner of war in Germany during four years of the Second World War, Harry was one of several thousand Australians captured by the German Army in 1941, during the ill-fated battle of Crete.

Corporal Spencer’s story provides the catalyst for interviews, conversations, and insights that help broaden our understanding of history, remembrance, and the human consequences of war.

What kind of an effect did being a prisoner of war have on Harry and his family both then and now? A chance family reunion, revealing the inter-generational ripple effects of two world wars, inspires Megan to embark upon a life-changing pilgrimage to recover the past and practice remembrance, walking in the shoes of her ancestors.


The opinions expressed in this podcast series are those of individual contributors and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Australian War Memorial.